Increase Sales and Reduce Cost Per Acquisition

Welcome to the DES (Data Enhancement Solutions) platform. Utilising our proprietary system will allow direct marketers to target specific prospects from within their own customer database, or segmenting a data suppliers database to make it much more cost effective.

DES can be used for all of your marketing activity covering Telephone, Email, Postal and Social Media campaigns.

  • Importing data file
  • Outputing Data
  • Matching of data
  • Append Missing data
  • Verification & Enrichment
  • Data Visualization
  • Standardization
  • Insights into data

About Us

The DES platform came into being when two of the founders who worked together for numerous years, realized that the list rental industry was surviving with massive gaps in it’s offerings. They came up with an idea to plug these gaps and save the clients’ money by offering a unique product that would identify the sweet spot for almost any campaign. The clue of what we do is in our name, and we are proud of the fact that we offer our clients much more value for money by dropping their CPA and drastically increasing the ROI.

DES has been in development since 2020, working directly with multiple clients in many sectors, has allowed us to develop the matching capabilities that increase data accuracy, which in turn increases sales and reduces the sale cycle and costs. By utilizing over 50 different databases and combining them to cross reference and check accuracy, we can enhance data to provide a decrease in CPA and increase ROI.

Platform Overview

DES incorporates every postal address in the UK (including Northern Ireland), we have mapped over 50 databases enabling instant cross referencing. DES allows you to analyse your database or select consumer marketing lists from a selection of trusted data suppliers.

We are constantly developing DES, so if you have a requirement that we do not currently support then please contact us to discuss details of your project. A workable and suitable solution can usually be constructed very quickly.

Case Studies

ECO Home Improvements

Client provides ECO3 Home Improvements, they can only apply the ECO grants to specific households in England. They required Home Owners within certain demographics that would be in receipt of government benefits and had a requirement for roof insulation. Before using DES their total database had approximately 100,000 records, once checked DES identified 23,000 viable households, thus reducing the calling time for the campaign by 77%.

Housing Disrepair Claims

DES can identify every Social Tenanted or Private Tenanted property in England & Wales, our accuracy is at 99%. Most data providers will achieve 30% - 40% accurate identification which can make a campaign inefficient. Utilizing DES solutions will reduce the volume of data needed to produce your campaign targets. DES has enabled clients to increase their campaign conversions by over 60%, whilst decreasing their spend. Our solution is industry leading.

Cavity Wall/Exterior Wall Insulation Claims

Using DES intelligence we can identify home ownership, wall construction, type of insulation installed and time frame of installation. Our selection process has allowed our clients to greatly increase their case load with our identification service. This has allowed to increase their agents from 5 to 45 in a very quick timeframe.

Japanese Knotweed Claims

Possibly our most challenging project to date. DES has mapped every reported case of Japanese Knotweed infestation within the UK, and have identified all properties within 100 metres. DES is possibly the only company that can offer this level of data, and accuracy, in the UK.

Client Solutions

We are constantly developing DES, so if you have a requirement that we do not currently support the please contact us to discuss details of your project. A workable and suitable solution can usually be constructed very quickly.

To see if we can improve the performance of your campaign contact us now.

ECO Home Improvements

Utilising DES we can select specific residential status, general EPC rating or specific EPC rating on roof or wall insulation, boilers, windows, etc. DES can also identify Council Tax bands, life stage and affluence markers that allow us to accurately predict household that may be receipt of relevant benefits to enable Government Grants. Every client is unique, we consult with every client to select the optimum solution to reduce costs and increase campaign success.

Financial Services

Targeting home owners for financial product's can be very difficult, we have found the solution is making contact at the correct time. Our proprietary transactional dataset allows our clients to contact targets within relevant timeframes to offer Re-mortgage and Life Insurance products. Our Potentials feature allows Home Insurance clients to exclude properties with flood risks, Japanese Knotweed infestation risk, land contamination, subsidence risk and mining risks, as well as many more.


DES can identify the broadband speed to every address within the UK both residential and commercial.We can also identify newly connect properties to the national Fibre Optics network along with properties that can receive Ultra Fast Broadband (UFBB), Super Fast Broadband (SFBB) and Standard Broadband. Allowing Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to offer their fastest available service to everyone.

Client Services

DES offer a suite of service’s to meet all clients’ budgets and campaign requirements.

We are more than happy to have a chat about your needs and goals.

Contact us to see if we can identify your target market within your database, DES will only accept Non-Identifiable Personal Information (i.e Address), tell us the attribute’s you want to identify and we will return your database with the relevant information.

We offer an ongoing supplied data suppression service to ensure you never purchase the same record twice.

Our partners can generate additional revenues from their clients, bringing more conversions with a lower CPA.

For a free data audit contact us now.

  • Client Owned Database Are you trying to sell products or services to your own database? Have you bought marketing lists that are not performing?
  • Clients Requiring Data DES can offer full supply of data that match your criteria, we have partnered with the UK’s leading data providers. Our suppliers have been through rigorous GDPR compliance to ensure all data provider meets industry best practice standard.
  • Data Owners Are you a Data Owner? Would you like to have additional insight into you subscribers’ lifestyle?

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Increase Sales and Reduce Cost Per Acquisition

To see if we can improve the performance of your campaign contact us now.

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